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JavaScript Suite

Get more ROI out of your traffic with the most up to date collection of landing page scripts. Toggle them on and off with a single click.

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Find the perfect lander from our library of fully customizable pages, updated weekly. Leave the guesswork to us.

Unlimited Ultrafast Hosting

Take advantage of industry leading response times. Never lose traffic on a slow loading page again.


Built For Affiliates By Affiliates

LanderBolt is catered perfectly to the needs of affiliate marketers. From trending, mobile ready landing page templates to time saving automation tools, we are confident you will see increased ROI in your campaigns.

Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Our high performing templates are mobile responsive and work just as well on mobile as on desktop.

Easy Page Duplication

Duplicate your creations with a single click for easy split testing. Link LanderBolt to your tracker and publish your pages instantly.

Around-The-Clock Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry. Start a live chat with our developers anytime to get technical questions answered.

Complete Custom Domain Control

Publish your landing pages to your custom domains with a single click. Gain extreme control over where your pages are published to with unlimited sub-domains and URL customization.


Advanced Lander Properties Console

Easily modify important landing page settings. Publish your page to a custom domain, set sub-domains, customize the URL with a folder name and publish with a single click.

Have a landing page with a lot of offer links? Simply provide your offer URL in the page settings console and all your links are replaced instantly and automatically.

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Happy Customers

Speed is everything in the 24 / 7 world of internet and mobile marketing. If you’re like me and have a Need for Speed, then you'll want to be using LanderBolt. Access to their landing page templates and scripts alone is worth the price but throw in the automation with Voluum and the party is ready to start. If you want to ramp up your workflow to get your landing pages into the market quickly, give this a try!

- Roxy Rosen

It’s user friendly and fast. They have average load speeds of less than 1 second worldwide, I personally tested it. Finally a landing page system built for Affiliates. I love the continual updates and templates, and how fast I can split test my landers. I would recommend this to anyone.

- Thomas J.

Making landers with this is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. If you are thinking of jumping on board I would highly recommend it. It’s easy to setup, it’s the real deal.

- Garrett M.

My campaigns generated $576.85 profit using LanderBolt. It’s so easy to test you can implement it straight away and get results which gives you a big edge if you use LanderBolt to it’s capabilities.

- Joseph L.

About Us

Jordon Schultz

Founder & CEO

Jordon grew up in Buffalo New York. He started a career in mechanical engineering achieving his bachelors in science. Six years ago he made his first dollar online and then discovered affiliate marketing. Jordon had massive success in media buying, publishing offers, and owning a network. For fun he has trained and competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professionally winning world championships, while living in Brazil. He currently lives in San Diego California and has a 2 year old son. He loves building Lego inventions and cycling in his free time.

Bret Michaelsen

Founder & CTO

Bret began in the affiliate marketing industry in 2013, and with his self-taught web development skills began custom building high converting landers for media buyers and top affiliates. He later ran a profitable media buying company, and continued to sharpen his coding skills. Bret is passionate about solving technical problems for the affiliate industry. In his spare time, Bret enjoys skydiving and playing tennis.

Mei and Bach

Company Mascots

Pure-bred Hungarian Vizslas. Guard dogs and office terrorizers. Supremely muscled for fast sprinting while hunting and hours of running alongside hourses. Mei (upper left) is 4 years old, while Bach is 1 and enjoys jumping out of car windows, jumping off 30 foot clifs and is addicted to orange chuck-it balls.

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